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Tops Tips for Choosing a Web Host

Whether you are looking for a free or commercial web host, it is important to consider certain factors that will have a strong impact on the success of your platform.

  1. Uptime and speed
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3d people – man, person and a question mark

The goal of setting up a website is so that your clients, followers and others may be able to access it and explore the content. In order for them to feel encouraged to only check out what you are offering, but also keep coming back, they need to be able to access the site. If the web host is unreliable, you may find your site suffering frequent downtimes, or taking too long to upload pages. A good host should provide an uptime of at least 99% to be worth investing in.

  1. Advertising

With free web hosting, the provider makes their money off advertising revenue channeled to online users via your site. How these adverts will appear may vary. Some adverts may appear as popup windows, others may be banner ads, while yet others may take the form of advertising frames that consume a considerable portion of your web pages. Know that many online users dislike the manner of aggressive advertising that comes with free web hosting, so consider this when you decide whether to opt for free or paid web hosting.

  1. Phone and technical support

All too often, there are problems that a client will face with their website. Whether it is trouble with uptime or disputing data transfer charges, it is important that the web host offer you phone support so you can discuss the issue with a real person. Online chat and email may be helpful, but they do not communicate urgency when needed. If you prefer to have your problems dealt with in real-time, seek a web host with 24-hour phone support that works.

  1. Web space

Majority of sites take up very little web space. In fact, many do not surpass a limit of 5MB space. If however you intend to load up on heavy content like videos and music, or expect to expand your content considerably in coming years, you will likely require a web host who can accommodate your growing data needs.

  1. Bandwidth

This is another serious consideration, as it will affect the amount of traffic your site can accommodate over any given period. Free web hosts tend to be particularly restrictive and some are known to disable a site once a site has been accessed a certain number of times in a day. Avoid any provider who touts unlimited bandwidth as this provision is certainly expensed. Be sure to critically assess the bandwidth and resource limits set by your provider before signing on to their service.

  1. User-friendly control panel

It is important to be able to make changes o your website as you desire, without having to train yourself up in subjects such as web design. A user-friendly control panel provided by the web host should allow even novices the ability to get their websites in working order easily. It does not really matter if the website control panel is sourced from a third party or custom tailored for the provider, what matters is that you be able to make use of it without having to frequently ask for help.

  1. Client reviews

This is the least important consideration when it comes to choosing a web host. The reason behind this is that any business that is online based will have a knack for trying to build up its online reputation with fake reviews.  These days it is difficult to find authentic reviews even on independent online review sites unless you know the reviewer and understand their level of knowledge in managing a website, it is a good idea to take such advisement with a pinch of salt.

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