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  Common Mistakes Made When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

It can be very exciting when you eventually decide to set up your own website. Whether it is to promote your business or serve as a personal blog, it is important that you carefully consider which of the many web hosting service providers you will work with. We have previously addressed the key factors one should consider when choosing a web host, now we will look at some of the common mistakes many make during this process and can often lead to the site failing to perform as expected.

  • Relying on online reviews

377682There are a whole lot of web host providers who publish so-called client reviews onsite. There are also very many Top 10 lists of the best web hosts to be found online. Many of the reviews tend to be fake while the lists are just tailored for marketing purposes. While personal experience is the best teacher, you can likely find useful advice on tech forums where web-hosting experiences are shared.

  • Using price to pick a provider

While the popular adage says that you get what you pay for, the reality is that there is no guarantee that the most expensive web host provider will offer you the best service. On the other hand, free web hosting and those that make ‘unlimited’ offers more often than not fall short of expectation. Chances are once you have considered all the factors, you will have several good options of web host to choose from. Try to avoid those that are too lowly priced to be believed, while still remaining within a reasonable budget.

  • Signing up long term

Trial error is often the order of the day when choosing a web host. Many of the best run websites started on being hosted on various platforms before the owner settled on their current long running choice. In many instances, these web hosts will not provide genuine money back guarantees. You may end up paying for a yearlong contract, and become fed up by the second month. It is advisable to initially try out short-term contracts until you are comfortable with the service to avoid losing out on your payment.

  • Letting your ISP host your site

Many ISPs have diversified their offerings to include web hosting services. Unfortunately, because this is not their core business, they do not offer adequate technical or phone support. Even if they market their offerings in very attractive packages, do avoid them entirely or you will be disappointed.

  • Failure to backup

This is particularly devastating if you have chosen a relatively new web host. This is a business with a very high turnover and a provider can flake on you fast. Always make a point of backing up your website so that if you have to start over with another provider, you get your website back up and running quick

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